Crystal Light Healing/Essence of Angels

Crystal Healing for stress, DNA activation

**Will be recommencing once Covid-19 social distancing ends**

Crystal Light Healing™ holds the key to understanding who you are, why you chose this life-time and how to fully embrace your Soul potential here on Earth.

Crystal Light Healing™uses the ancient art of the Laying on of Crystals, sound & colour to promote harmony & healing of the body, mind & spirit. Your practitioner accesses the vibrational frequencies of crystals through colour, sound, light and sacred geometric symbols. These frequencies are then resonated through the client’s subtle bodies and higher vibrational points to stimulate self-healing, and release dis-ease.

There are a few different treatment options available which will be discussed at the start of your session: 1) Activate your Octahedron Crystalline grid and balance the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) along with the 7 major chakras or 2) DNA light code activation.

As we awaken to crystal healing wisdom we are free to co-create a life filled with joy, good health, loving relationships and financial freedom.  We are free to simply be the highest vibration of our authentic self.

Sessions: 60mins

Cost: $160
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Using crystals in our treatments does not displace medical advice or medical help.