Winter Solstice Meditation

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My favourite day of the year is coming up on Wednesday, 21 June, the winter Solstice! (In the Northern Hemisphere it’s the Summer Solstice).

I love the Winter solstice because although it marks the start of Winter, it’s also the shortest day and longest night. You know what that means? The days start to get longer and warmer, until Summer arrives!

Celebrations of this time have been going on for centuries, all the way back to pagan times. Because of the short day and hence very little sun, cultures referred to this as the time of death/rebirth.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is represented by the Water element. The key lesson of this element is about wisdom and being able to tap into your inner knowing and intuition. Also that true power comes from wisely cultivating your resources, whether that’s your own energy or material resources you have.

How can I use this day for my Spiritual Growth?

During the evening, we have an awesome opportunity to use the potent energy to go into your deepest, darkest self and take a journey of reflection to reconnect with your true essence and what’s important in your life (rather than the external wants/needs/desires). Check in with where you’re at on your life’s journey and if you need to make any course corrections.

Call in the Moon energy (feminine, intuitive energy) to show you where you may be distracted by external events, that may be pulling you away from your connection with your inner essence.

Some activities to help you connect on the Solstice:

  • Light a candle and set your intention before you start. this may be simply stating “My intention is to find what’s blocking me from connecting to my higher self”
  • Call in your guides (whether you’ve meet them or not they exist!) and ask them to be with you during the process and offer their support and guidance.
  • You may want to actually step outside (put something warm on though as it’s been freezing!) and stand in the moonlight, whether it’s behind the clouds or not, and again ask the Moon Goddess for guidance with your intuition and the inner journey you’re about to embark on.
  • Sit quietly in meditation and observe what messages you’re receiving, These may be via words appearing in your minds’ eye, thoughts, memories, sounds, feelings. Make a note of them so you can reflect and analyse them later rather than trying to do it during the meditation time. Sometimes activating your brain can disconnect you from your intuition.
  • Your meditation can be 5 minutes long, 30 minutes or longer. Receiving your guidance can happen in a flash as there’s no specific duration you have to meditate for before it arrives. The key is to still the mental chatter as much as possible and connect into your heart space.

To help you connect to your heart and your intuition, I created a quick 7 minute meditation for you:

Go to the password is intuition

Play this when you sit down at the beginning of your meditation.

Let me know what insights opened up for you after your quiet time!