Praise for Daniela

“Visiting you was a major turning point in my life.”

I came to see you about 3 years ago and just wanted you to know that visiting you was a major turning point in my life. Whilst I still get embarrassed when I think about how much I cried in your presence, I’ll never regret it. I’m in such a good place as a result of seeing you.

I met a fantastic man, got a new job, proceeded to move house and got married a few months ago. I reflect on my sessions with you often and feel those things may not have happened if I didn’t come and see you. So thank you!!

Prue Stanbury

Underwriting Officer

“You have this amazing way of helping me see that everything is ok.”

It was really great having a session with you. You have this amazing way of helping me see that everything is ok. I felt a lot better afterwards. The tools you gave me were also wonderful. I always learn so much from you. You are so, so wise. Its so calming just being in your presence and feeling free to express what I need to. Thank you so much. I really needed to hear everything you had to say. Everything made so much sense. I left the session feeling very at peace, especially with my Jaguar beside me…that was really powerful.

Jacqueline Palazzo

Kinesiology & Reiki

“Daniela was able to tap into what was troubling me and helped me to harness the strength to make things better.”

I was in a rut where I was not enjoying my corporate job and had just given up on 3 years of IVF treatment. I was feeling a real disconnect between my 9-5 personality and who I really was. I was also struggling to accept the fact that I would never be a mother. I had never tried Kinesiology before but was curious about the holistic and spiritual nature of it.

My sessions were surprisingly calming and soothing. I’ve found I’ve been able to accept my situation, overcome the expectations of others and to move on to a life path that is more in line with my values. I’ve just started my own business teaching people how to have a more healthy and sustainable home. Daniela was able to tap into what was troubling me and helped me to harness the strength to make things better. Wonderful sessions that I highly recommend.

Sam Rixon


“I’ve found that regular sessions really keep me balanced and help me maintain my perspective on life.”

I was super stressed at work and it was starting to impact my digestive system. After visiting many doctors (who didn’t /couldn’t do anything) and doing lots of reading, I resorted to natural medicine in an effort to fix myself. I knew that I needed to get on top of things and I was feeling so bad that I was happy to try everything possible!! Accumulated work stress was starting to impact my body, health and well-being.

I feel like my Kinesiology sessions are a mix of time out for me to get back in touch with myself, but they also have an element of counseling and support in them. Big shifts for me are that I now recognize how I need to look after myself, I now have the skills to address this and have a regular outlet for ‘me time.’ Daniela is a great person and the sessions are really about what you want to get out of them. If you’re not overly into the whole spirituality thing, but still want to give it a go – then Daniela is totally happy to accommodate. I’ve found that regular sessions really keep me balanced and help me maintain my perspective on life.

Karly Leach

Head of Client Services

"Daniela introduced me to Kinesiology, and I have never looked back! 
She opened my eyes to the possibility of how I could design my life."

I originally went to see Daniela to help me deal with depression. Within the first session I felt that there was hope and she gave me tools, which I could easily use. I have continued to see Daniela to enable me to lead a happier and healthier life. Not only am I now free of depression, I have a clearer understanding of why I behave as I do and I am more in control of my life.

Anything that life throws my way is not longer such a struggle. I realised that I could ask for help, that I had the answers within and that life is there to be enjoyed. My new understanding of what triggers my tendency for depression and having the tools to identify them ensures I can cope with anything that comes my way. I continue to see Daniela to ensure that I remain happy and healthy.

Daniela is such a beautiful person inside and out, is so generous with her time and energy. Trusting my instincts and going to Daniela has been a positive life changing experience. I no longer suffer depression, have learnt how to live a happy fulfilling life with the tools and techniques she has taught me. I am now happily married (18 months since I found my perfect mate!) and life is so wonderful.

Simply put she has saved my life.

Jan Eke

Program Management Office manager

“Daniela helps me get back to what my core value and purpose is.
To feel it and know that it’s true.”

Kinesiology really is wonderful. It works like a circuit breaker. When I just couldn’t work out how to write my second book – how to capture what I wanted to write, I went to see Daniela.

I really needed grounding. To get out of my head and back in my body and heart but the process works on so many levels. It’s like magic, something ancient and deep at the same time. Daniela was able to help me focus on what was really going on. She broke it down clearly and gave me some simple goals to work on. Sometimes when we focus on the big picture, we can get overwhelmed. I was definitely overwhelmed! Simple tools helped me get back to what I needed to do and helped me stay in that space.

The biggest benefits to come out of my sessions with Daniela are: first – the gift of re-grounding, or getting out of the brain and back into the body. It really helps with everything. Then I can think clearly and breathe and get things done in a calm manner.

Second – what do I really want? Out of my writing and my life. Focusing on what really matters and what is urgent and vital. There are so many distractions in our lives, and I can get off track easily. Daniela helps me get back to what my core value and purpose is. To feel it and know that it’s true. This helped me finish the book and feel good about my writing and the whole process.

Third – Listening to what my body needs. Rest, the right food, nature, enough water – these simple things are so easy to let go of when we’re operating in stress mode. Kinesiology really helps me with my energy levels and my mental outlook.

My new book is almost finished and it will be released this year. This is a great achievement and I feel happy that this new story will be out there for people to experience.

I can’t recommend seeing Daniela highly enough. Do it! Go with the process and feel the rewards. It’s a deeply grounding, relaxing and magical thing to do for your whole being.

Favel Parrett


“It was refreshing to meet someone that really got me and understood corporate demands.”

I was working 12-hour days with a client and everything was a struggle. Coming to work, losing weight, working full time, being a mother and connecting with friends. I was the last priority in all aspects of my life, whether it was work, home, family or friends. Maria was always last. I had no self-esteem and doubted my abilities in every area. What was worse was, I felt unworthy of everything. I knew I could not continue like this, it was all just too much.

There was help and for me Daniela was the key. I had seen other Kinesiologists before so knew what to expect, or so I thought. It was refreshing to meet someone that really got me and understood corporate demands. I believe this is what makes Daniela stand out from everyone else.

A little while later, I no longer work 12-hour days. With our sessions, encouragement and support I had the confidence to organise working from home one day a week. Things, people and situations that used to disable me emotionally no longer register on my radar. I am now the priority in all facets of my life. My career is thriving, the friendships I have are positive and rewarding, and my children, husband and I are happy and unified again.

Most importantly I am in the best place, I have no doubts. I know and believe I am worthy in all aspects of my life.

Daniela thank you. From the bottom of my heart thank you. For the tears we’ve shared, for getting so excited about the changes I made in my life, for the emails checking in with me, for the awesome books you’ve recommended, for the love of crystals you’ve passed onto me (and to my son Jordan), for the willingness to change appointments when work gets crazy. Most importantly thank you for being you.

Our journey together is not over.

Maria Sebestyen

Senior Consultant

“Our sessions were focused upon my total well-being.”

Meeting Daniela has been a life changing experience for me as it is rare to meet a healer who is young, vibrant and has a huge range of therapeutic experience in her tool belt. Our sessions were focused upon my total well-being and I respected Daniela’s holistic approach to getting my emotions and physical health back to a place where I could feel deeply connected to my entire energy system.

Since seeing Daniela I have felt more able to look after myself and have a newfound confidence in dealing with issues when they arise that in the past would have overwhelmed me. I feel blessed to know such a wonderful person who has so much charisma, integrity and grace in all her dealings with people… Much gratitude.

Megan Hallifax

Wellbeing Therapist

“She gets right to the heart of the matter.”

Daniela’s support has been invaluable. She has a gentle, professional approach with which she gets things done with minimum fuss. She gets right to the heart of the matter and I walk away from my sessions feeling relieved, centred and clear. I recommend her to anyone looking for expert Kinesiology support.

Rebecca Ryan

Business Owner

“It has been cathartic, in so far as I’ve walked away feeling a sense of peace both on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.”

My sessions with Daniela have come at such an instrumental time of my life. My initial reason for seeing her was based on a number of physical symptoms I’ve been experiencing. I was open to exploring other natural therapy solutions and it only seemed befitting that I consult with her for Kinesiology treatment.

We discovered a number of emotional blocks that were holding me back from achieving optimum health and balance within my body. Daniela carefully planned her sessions around making me feel comfortable and at ease with her approach. I discovered so much more about myself in the sessions we’ve had. It has been rather cathartic, in so far as I’ve walked away feeling a sense of peace both on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Daniela is incredibly pleasant and professional in her approach. She asks relevant questions of the body and then helps me to understand the responses. Her kind and gentle manner leaves you with a sense of balance and harmony within yourself.

As a personal trainer specialising in the Mind Body connection and post rehabilitation, I am acutely aware of the need to deal with our emotions. I would highly recommend Daniela’s Kinesiology sessions to anyone seeking balance, unity and overall harmony within themselves.

Tony Fahkry

Business Owner, Life Coach

“I feel more in control of my personal life and relationships than ever before.”

I’ve seen Daniela several times and her warmth and professionalism immediately put me at ease. She helped me understand the drivers for my behaviour and as a result of my time with her, I feel happier and healthier than I have in many years. Work just isn’t the stress it used to be for me and I feel more in control of my personal life and relationships than ever before. She’s a great find!

Peter Riddell

Project Manager

“I highly recommend her as an extraordinarily perceptive and intuitive healer and restorer of balance and grounding.”

One of the first major issues Daniela helped me with was the terminal illness and death of my father.  I had had many unresolved issues with my parents over the years, and my father’s illness brought them to the surface, which made me feel overwhelmed by the past as well as the very painful and devastating present.

Through my Kinesiology sessions with Daniela, I was able to see a lot of these old issues from a different perspective.  I was able, by degrees, get out of my own pain to understand how my parents might have experienced the same events and to talk to them with much more compassion about our shared history. To feel love for them in a much less conflicted way.  Daniela helped me to let go of a lot of my past family issues (some areas are still a work in progress!) and enable me to be more fully receptive to my father and my family during his last weeks and days.

Daniela has also helped me in many other ways – recognising my fears, including fear of change, and helping me feel more balanced, centred and live in the present.  I highly recommend her as an extraordinarily perceptive and intuitive healer and restorer of balance and grounding.

Anne Wall-Smith

Company Director

“Her understanding of many healing modalities helped immensely in finding ways to break through difficult blocks and get to the deeper root of problems.”

Having sessions with Daniela has been profoundly helpful in breaking away from old and debilitating issues. I find her a very caring, gentle and grounded practitioner who comes from integrity and passion. She has an extremely warm and positive energy and helps me believe I have the ability to move forward and I am worthy and deserve self-love.

Her vast experience and understanding of many healing modalities helps immensely in finding ways to break through difficult blocks and to get to the deeper root of problems. I will continue to have sessions with Daniela as I work toward a better feeling of self-worth and inner harmony. I’d highly recommend a session with her!

Glenda Lister


“Seeing Daniela has helped me so much and she is fantastic at what she does.”

I’d had a horrendous break-up right before Christmas which was a big shock to me and very destabilising. I had terrible anxiety and was feeling very ungrounded in life and directionless.

I had tried Kinesiology once before, a very long time ago but found it a very uncomfortable experience.  There was minimal consultation or explanation around the process, which is the complete opposite to the experience I have with Daniela.

At first I did these sessions because of the situation I had found myself in but now over 2 years later I continue to go around once a month. I feel like it is something that is part of my life now to feel grounded and help with spiritual growth.

I have learnt a lot more about myself and been able to identify the areas I can focus on for improvement. One thing I have really learnt is how to recognise my “monkey mind” (as Daniela calls it!) and deal with it much more effectively.

Seeing Daniela has helped me so much and she is fantastic at what she does – always makes me feel really comfortable and I feel fantastic after every session.

Anita Mead

Wholesale Implementation Manager

“Daniela is fantastic at what she does.
She has the ability to explain, educate and guide you in a way that relates directly to you.”

I was feeling unsatisfied with my life in general and felt I was just living day by day with no purpose. As you could imagine this was very frustrating and it was taking its toll, not only physically but mentally too.

My partner and I had been looking to buy a solid investment property and had spent 7 months spending every weekend looking for a place we would happy to live in and hopefully in the future rent out. Daniela helped me clear the frustration I had around it taking so long and the worry we couldn’t afford what we truly wanted. After our session, she also created a crystal grid encompassing the key points I had told her we were looking for in the property. I am happy to say, our wish come true a month later!

About 2 years ago I felt like I was drowning in the role I was in at the time and considered leaving the company. I have now settled into the perfect role that fits my life style but challenges me enough to keep me interested. Through my sessions with Daniela I’ve learned to listen to my body and recognize the signs it’s telling me. This way I can address the feeling before it explodes!

This year my goal is to become healthier starting from the inside, out. I know that with my regular sessions with Daniela, she will make sure I stay on track!

Rachael Justice


“Everything began to click into place.”

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Daniela. I decided to see her because after recently leaving my job I felt directionless and frustrated. The session was very calming and as soon as I left I felt a great sense of energy and clarity. In the few weeks after my session everything began to click into place and I was able to think very clearly and find a new direction. The experience was invaluable!

Jemma Holroyd-Pearce