How to Manifest Anything

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Over recent years, there’s been a wave of information about how to manifest what you want in your life. Movies such as The Secret, books like The Law of Attraction (Esther & Jerry Hicks) and my favourite E-Squared (Pam Grout) are hugely popular probably because they demonstrate how we have the power to change our lives. These resources then go on to show us how.

The Key to Manifest Anything

In the Hawaiian culture, there are 7 Principles they live by. They are beautiful principles and the third teaches us about focus and intention;


Makia the Third Hawaiian Principle: ‘Energy Flows Where Attention Goes’

You may have heard this expression before. It is the key to being able to manifest anything in your life.

Whatever you spend most of your conscious and unconscious time thinking about, will increase in your life. Good or bad.

If you continually reflect on your past and how you


wish you’d done things differently’


or regret choices you made, your future will continue to be filled with the same kind of events that bring up those same emotions and feelings within you. If you worry about the future and spend energy trying to avoid something you absolutely don’t want to happen, the more likely it will be created.

Fear is sometimes so strong within us, we can’t help but think of the things we don’t want to happen.

Ever had the thought that you never want to turn into one of your parents?

Then shocked when you hear their words coming out of your mouth?!


How can we make sure we only create good in our lives?


Intention is the Mother of all Game Changers


When you set an intention, things start to change immediately.

Setting an intention is a simple and powerful thing to do. When you set an intention for something, you’re sending a message out to, what the Quantum Physicists have termed the quantum field, (a.k.a. the Universe, field of potentiality, Divine Spirit etc) that this is where your energy will now be directed.


You may have heard me say to you when discussing your homework after the session, if you do it with intention, it’s infinitely more powerful than just doing it half assed!

Focus on the words you’re saying, the activity you’re doing with the intention of having already achieved the end result.


If you recognise a block in your life around say finding a new job, you decide to set an intention that you’ll have a new job in a month’s time. What happens next is the energy around you starts to shift. It starts to bring things into your life that will support you in releasing these blocks and synchronicities start to occur that guide you to finding your new job.

What these synchronicities look like is deciding to go to lunch with friends at the last minute and you meet someone that’s looking to fill a job with someone of your skills, or you read something in a magazine that takes you down an unexpected path, perhaps further study to increase your skills.


How Obvious Does the Message Have to Be?
(Or How I Ignored an Unexplainable Phenomenon)


This happened to me before I decided to study Kinesiology. I had set an intention to manifest a job that I loved. Things we going ok at my job in corporate land but I felt like I was treading water, waiting for something that I loved to come along…although I had no idea what that was!

On a recommendation of a friend I had gone to an open day at a Kinesiology college to see what this Kinesiology thing was all about. What I experienced totally surprised me…

As I was sitting there, I noticed all the people that were part of the College team had a glowing white light in their heart chakra area. It started small and grew bigger and bigger that I began to notice.

If I ever needed a sign that this Kinesiology thing may be worth investigating, it was a pretty obvious sign!

Funnily enough I was promoted at work and I told the enrolments lady at the college that I wouldn’t have time to study Kinesiology on the weekends as I saw my new job taking up a lot of my time. I was excited at the thought of this new job too. Maybe I was wrong about the glowing light and my eyes were just playing tricks on me?

Over the next few weeks, for the first time ever, I started to see Kinesiology everywhere, in magazines I was reading, even on the side of a tram! I had seriously never even heard of the word a few short months ago.

After about the third occurrence of seeing Kinesiology somewhere, I said…


“Ok, Ok Universe, I’m listening!”


…and the next day I went and enrolled in the Diploma at the College. Needless to say I loved every minute of the course and have loved being in clinic these past eight years.


How Do I Practice This to Manifest Daily?


First of all, think about what is it you want to manifest. Once you know where you want to go, you know where to direct your attention and energy. You can do this by creating a vision board or stating daily affirmations around your goal.

Do something daily that generates the feelings you’ll have once you’ve achieved your goal.

As I mentioned earlier, I love Pam Grout’s book E-Squared. It breaks down the simple laws and how to use the quantum field of potentiality in a really fun way.


A Quick Experiment To Test The Theory


This is directly from the book E-Squared. State that you wish to receive a wonderful surprise within a 48 hour period. Create a reminder in your calendar in exactly 48 hours time to check in and see what the surprise was.

It could be flowers from someone, free tickets to a concert, finding money on the ground. Be open to the fact it could be anything. Try it and let me know what you get in the comments below.

I got flowers 🙂