Who Is Your Ideal Client?

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When you first thought about setting up your practice, you probably heard that you need to work out who your ideal client is and that this will help with your marketing.


This is also called finding your niche and is most definitely true. However most practitioners don’t really get why this is your crucial first step when starting up your clinic.


If you skip this step or only do it half heartedly, you miss valuable insights and learnings about your ideal client that can save you thousands of dollars in wasted marketing and advertising.


Identifying who these people are impacts everything you create for your business. It is the first essential step to complete in your marketing; before you build a website, get business cards, write that first blog post or create an ebook. If you don’t know WHO you’re writing for, how can you know WHAT to write?


Some practitioners don’t like to do too much targeting. They think if they narrow their focus, they will limit the number of people coming into their clinic.


“But I can help EVERYONE with what I do”


Which is great!

And you WILL attract more than just your ideal clients but by following this unfocussed strategy, you’ll disappear in the sea of practitioners out there already taking this general approach.


Don’t you want to be that lifeboat that potential clients can climb on board and feel safe and secure because they’ve finally found a practitioner that gets them and can help them?


Do you have clients that when you see their name in your booking system, you feel lighter and look forward to the appointment, “Oh great, it’s Natalie!”


They’re the clients that love what you do, have had great success with your treatment already, you’re first in mind when their health and wellbeing starts to slip, they turn up on time, pay on time, are compliant and complete all their ‘homework’ from you.


They love what you do for them so much, they refer all their family and friends to you!


They’re SO easy to work with and it’s SO enjoyable! It’s almost like not working at all.


Have you ever thought about these perfect, ideal clients and what you can do to get more of them walking through your clinic door?


So let’s start the detective work to find out who they are. Think about each of the aspects below for your perfect client and write down your answers:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Do they have children?
  • Pets?
  • What do they do for work?
  • Are they studying?
  • What are they studying?
  • What interests do they have outside of work/study?
  • What are their burning issues?
  • What keeps them awake at night?


Really get into the mind of these clients.


If you’re not sure who your perfect clients are yet because you’ve just started out in practice, think about any personal health and wellbeing challenges that you or close family have been through?


Answering these questions will paint the picture of who your perfect client is and what their challenges are.


Why Do They Come to See Me?


Next is to work out HOW you can help them.

What are the benefits of coming to see you?

Write from the perspective of the problems you’ll be able to solve for them rather than what you do and the skills you have.


Where Can I Find My Ideal Clients?


Once you know who your ideal client is and how you can help them the next step is to think about WHERE they are.


If your perfect client is a Mum with school age kids, you would find them linked to school activities such as after school care or after school sports, maybe online reading blogs on support for Mother’s or quick and easy recipes for the family.


Have fun and really step into the life of your perfect client!


Looking at these three pieces of information, you now know exactly WHO you’re targeting, HOW to craft a message that presents the benefits of coming to see you and WHERE to reach them and share your information.