How to Protect Your Energy

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Leading on from the previous 2 posts about being energetically sensitive and disconnecting from toxic people, this post is all about what to do to protect your energy.

Before we jump into the tools, I’d like to discuss the underlying need for energetic protection.

If you’re finding yourself constantly drained, fatigued and unable to handle other people’s energy, there’s definitely something going on for you. Yes, you may need to protect your energy but I see this as a temporary solution.

When you protect yourself, you also block ALL energy coming in, even the good stuff like love. It will also decrease your intuitive abilities as you’re forming a barrier around you that stops the flow of energy, ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

When You May Need to Protect Your Energy:

  • If you don’t have strong boundaries,
  • If you’re not centred and grounded
  • If you’re tired or unwell
  • If you believe you always need to protect your energy, you will.

Energy is just energy, and like our emotions, are neither good nor bad, they just are. It’s our perception of them that makes them so. If you see the world or people as something you always need to protect yourself from, you’ll always find yourself experiencing events where you need to protect yourself. Same as when you ‘suddenly’ see the exact car you’ve been thinking about buying, everywhere on the roads).

What you focus on, is what you get.


If you know your energy will potentially be drained, protect yourself but only do it temporarily. Use the situation as the messenger to discover the deeper issue of what needs to be cleared or strengthened within you.

Becoming aware of your state (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance) and when it’s out of whack, will guide you to what needs to be worked on.

Know that nothing and no-one can affect you without your permission, conscious or subconscious. This is where self awareness is key!


Use the Following Techniques When You’re Not Feeling 100% Strong and Centred

They will protect you until a time you can do the work to clear, strengthen and boost your own energy.

This list of simple and easy tools can be used when you’re about to spend time in a crowd (shopping centre, a party, crowded bar or overcrowded public transport) or with someone you know can be draining. It’s certainly not exhaustive but some things I’ve found useful.

Try them all out and see which one works best for you in which situation. Be aware that sometimes one will work better than another on a particular day (all dependant on your current state of energy). So if one’s not working, try another!

  • Visualize an egg or sphere shape surrounding you. Imagine coloured light filling the egg from above your head (via the crown chakra that is at the top of your head). I usually connect with my intuition and go with whatever colour pops into my mind, as that’s usually the colour that I need that day.

You can also add mirrors to the outside of the egg if you like. You can hold the intention that anything of a lower energy will be reflected by the mirrors and bounced off the outside and away from you. If you like you can state that “anything of a higher vibration will easily flow through to me”.

  • Wetsuit: If I’m spending time in a crowd and I get the feeling I need some quick protection, rather than an egg or sphere, I like to imagine I’m wearing a full neoprene suit (like a wetsuit that surfers and divers use). No matter how close people get to me, they’re not standing in my sphere of protection. I still imagine light entering the suit at my crown chakra but the light sits between the suit and my skin.
  • Crystals are great for added boosts in protection. Black Tourmaline, Tourmalinated Quartz, Obsidian or Smoky Quartz are powerful and easily accessible from most places you can buy crystals.

Quick note on how crystal work: The individual energy crystals naturally produce (and I could bore you about the chemical structure of the molecules and what for example the hexagonal or trigonal structure means!) actually breaks up and helps disperse what doesn’t match in our system. By just having crystals close to you, they’re helping raise your vibration relative to the purpose of the crystal. That’s why I love them because they do the work without you having to DO anything other than have them with you!

  • Energetic sprays. These can include room/space clearing or aura sprays. Usually include energetic substances ranging from flower, plant or gem essences, crystals, essential oils, sounds vibration or salt. You can even make your own but combining a few of these in some salt water (Epsom or Himalayan rock salt is best)
  • Call in your guides and angels, particularly Archangel Michael. With the powerful sword he carries, he can help you cut ties and protect you from anything you feel is a threat to your system.
  • Use your breath. Breathing into your lower belly (our energetic centre) will help centre you. If you also have the intention to bring back all your scattered energy, it will help strengthen your boundaries.

Breathe in Divine, loving, healing energy,
Breathe out dense, heavy, draining energy.

  • Physically using your body. Crossing your arms and/or legs will protect you by physically protecting some of your chakras. If you were to protect one chakra only, that would be your Solar Plexus chakra as it is the seat of your power and will. Which is what happens when you cross your arms across your chest. Think about when you’ve had your arms crossed and who you were talking to. Sometimes we will do this subconsciously.

What Do I Do?

Before I start my day in clinic, I’ll clear the space (using a spray that I’ve created or smudging with palo santo) of any lower vibrational energy that may interfere with the sessions and create a sacred container for my clients. Rather than specifically setting up some kind of protection, it lifts the energy in the room and enables the focus of the session to be solely on their healing.

Then using my breath, I ground myself, connect to my centre, my higher self and my guides and ask for guidance and direction during the session. This removes my ego or any thought that I’M the one doing the healing.

Then I’m ready to go!


A summary of the tools above:

  • Visualise an egg /sphere around you, filled with colour
  • Wetsuit (if you’re in a crowd) filled with colour
  • Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Tourmalinated Quartz, Obsidian or Smoky Quartz
  • Energetic spray (bought or home made)
  • Call in your guides and/or Angels
  • Breathe into your lower belly to centre and bring in your energy.
  • Cross your arms across your solar plexus.