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Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map

desire_125x125_1I know some of you have heard me talking about Danielle’s LaPorte’s Desire Map process in clinic lately. Danielle has a unique way of creating goals without necessarily creating checklists of ‘things to do/achieve.’ A great ebook to get you thinking about goals from a different perspective.

Click on the image or here to find out more.

Danielle also has daily TruthBombs you can sign up for. I like them because they’re short, sweet and she totally nails it.

Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Year Workbook & Planner

Some of you may have heard of the lovely Leonie Dawson and her fabulous workbooks which come in a Life and Business editions. Each year for the past five years she has created these online workbooks & planners to help you plan for the year ahead. If you’re a visual person like me, they are just heavenly to look at. Loads of colour, beautiful monthly calendars and planning tools to help you review the previous year and lock in your goals for the coming year.

Click on the image or Check them out here.