Find More Clients to Avoid This Horrible Ending!

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I’m Devastated.

We lost another one.

One of the practitioners I used to share a clinic space with in the city, has decided to give up her practice and head back into the corporate world. Where “the money is regular and I don’t have to worry about finding enough clients each week to be able to survive.”

Another practitioner who loved being able to help her clients, really shift things for them and make a big impact to their lives. She was practicing because she loved helping others but struggled with the business side of her clinic.

Of course we all sat through the business studies module at her College. If you were lucky, you actually had someone that was successfully running their own practice, mostly, though it was someone in an unrelated field. They would talk about why creating a business plan was so important (not very relevant for a small service based business needing only a room) and discussed old marketing techniques from five years ago (business cards and leaflets anyone?!) not very useful in this quick changing online marketing landscape.

So she was left to fend for herself as most of us are once we’ve finished our qualification and research on the internet. And how much information is out there online? Of Business gurus teaching techniques that will make you 6 figures in 7 days!

“Find more clients. Learn the exact words to use to convince people to buy from you!” ….Really?

If you have to convince them to buy from you, they’re not your ideal customers.

We’d listen to referrals from our classmates on what business courses they’d found and we might try them. Of course, what resonates with one person doesn’t always work for others so lots of trial and error.

Finally you get to a point where you’ve seen enough clients that the referrals are enough to keep a steady flow of money coming in to pay the bills, but it’s hardly enough to put aside money into Superannuation or go on many holidays.

“And if I take time off, my clients might leave me!”

After running many successful (and yes, well into the multiple 6 figure!) projects in the corporate world for 12 years I discovered what needs to be set in concrete to build a solid foundation for your business. This knowledge transferred easily over when I made the big leap and began running my own practice.

Now my passion is helping other wellness practitioners lay their own rock solid foundation to help them build a strong and long lasting practice.

It’s critical to have in place:

  • Clarity around your ideal client
  • How you’re going to brand yourself out in the market
  • What packages and programs can you create to leverage your time and skills
  • Marketing today! Facebook, website, webinars, sales pages…
  • And of course how to make heart centred sales.

My mission is to keep practitioners out there helping others and absolutely changing lives!

You can SO do it!