It’s Not Me, It’s You…Doing the Healing

Complementary Therapies ‘Complement’ the Body’s Natural Healing Ability


It’s Not Me, It’s You Doing the Healing!

When I was studying Kinesiology, and it got to practice time, we would joke and say ‘OK, fix me!” But Kinesiology doesn’t ‘fix’ or heal people….Huh?!

In every moment, our cells are continually regenerating. New cells are being created, old cells are dying. This process occurs  24/7 and most potent when we’re sleeping. When our body, mind and spirit are not in balance, our energy becomes blocked. This can be expressed in several ways:

  • knots in our muscles,
  • sore joints,
  • repetitive thoughts,
  • bad habits,
  • overwhelm,
  • depression,
  • lack of motivation…

So what do you do when you’re not feeling well? You book a session with someone to help you get better:

You see a Naturopath - who puts you on a detox program to remove toxins that are clogging up your system, so your body can function properly again.

You see an Osteopath – through manipulation of limbs and muscles, they release structural blocks, so your body can reset itself and function properly again.

You see a Kinesiologist – who removes stress being held in your physical body, emotions and thoughts to get energy flowing unimpeded through your body again…so your body can function properly again.

Your Body is Inherently Doing the Healing

The practitioner, within the field of their expertise, is facilitating that healing by returning balance to your system. As I like to say when explaining how Kinesiology works:

“I walk next to you on this chapter of your journey to self-discovery and wellness. I help clear what’s blocking you from reaching wellness, happiness and Divine connection in your life and I support you on your journey.”

Oh but how easy is it to get caught in the trap of believing that someone else is the one fixing you! “The last time I saw XYZ, they did ABC and I felt so much better after.”

Why is Believing Someone Else is Healing Me, a Problem?

When we see someone and believe they’re the one fixing us, we disempower ourselves to an extent and therefore our ability to fully heal ourselves. If we give this power away, the subconscious belief is “I can’t heal myself” and so the inherent healing ability within, is reduced. The healing may still occur but it can take longer, more sessions, or never really be released at its core.

How Do We Take Back Our Healing Power?

Part of the healing process involves accepting responsibility for our part in creating the mess we’re in. You may have heard of the movie ‘The Secret’ which is about creating and manifesting things we want in our lives. A quick summary of the process is you visualise what you want to create in your life and you then continue to feed it with your positive emotions and feelings. You visualise in your mind, already having received it. There’s a bit more to it than that but you get the idea. Energetically what happens is, you’ve started to change and open your energy field to receive your creation. Like a jigsaw puzzle piece (your desire) slots into place (your energy field).

You Are Responsible for Creating What You Want in Your Life.

When we acknowledge we’re doing the healing, we’re empowered and we approach our sessions with an open mind. We’re more willing to do the work, release what needs to be released and we experience more powerful shifts. Whatever happens in the session is exactly what is meant to happen. If things continue to feel stuck, it may be because we’re resisting or there’s another layer that we need to release first.

My Epiphany on Retreat

This really hit home on my last retreat. On retreat, I experience intense clearing sessions for about 5 days. I release so much gunk that’s been holding me back from living my life aligned to my purpose, that I feel like a new person, all bright, shiny and back on track! The struggle is integrating the ‘new’ me back into my ‘old’ life and maintaining the delicious new lighter feeling. It can take about 2 weeks to integrate back into ‘reality’ again. A challenging process. Have you ever returned from holidays, SO relaxed and with a new perspective on your life? Damn it, this time you’re going to hang on to that holiday feeling for as long as you can and no way are you going to let the stress get so out of control again!

Seriously, what’s the shortest time it took for that feeling to disappear? One day back in the frey at work? A week? Ugh…

Before my last retreat, I knew I wanted to discover techniques and daily practices to help me integrate back into my ‘old life’ and to maintain the lighter feeling. This was my new intention for my retreat. When I took my power back and realised I was in control of my healing, the experience was profound.

The Journey, Not the Destination Matters

A Visual Representation

Kinesiology, goals On our journey through life we learn about ourselves intimately. What is the theme of our life or weakest link that gets activated when you become stressed. Acquiring this knowledge gives us power and awareness in those stressful moments. Being aware allows us to recognise our Nemesis and say:

“Hello old friend! I see you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts but I’m choosing to focus my energy on this other belief that’s infinitely more empowering for me.”

Seriously, blame it on my split Gemini personality but this is what I’ve trained the voices in my head to rebut with, when my ‘stuff’ comes up! So next time you see a practitioner ‘to be fixed’,

hold onto your power,

acknowledge the experience of the practitioner assisting your body do what it does naturally…

…heal itself.