5 Questions to Find the Best Practitioner

Wanting to find the best practitioner for your next wellbeing session? Here are my top 5 questions to ask before booking in with them!

A few years ago I had a potential client call and ask me the following questions which, as a practitioner, I’d never had asked of me before. When we hung up, I thought about it and realised I’d never asked a potential practitioner these questions either.

Whether they are Kinesiologists, Massage therapists, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths or Counsellors, most practitioners these days will have a website which should answer these questions but if not (or you want to use them as a checklist when looking at their websites) make sure you feel happy they’ve been answered. In addition, most practitioners will be happy to have a quick chat with you as it also allows them to see if you’re a good fit for them!


So What Were Those Questions?

1. What Qualifications Do You Have?

It’s important to know what level of training is possible in the industry and what they have achieved. Do they have a Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Degree or did they attend a weekend workshop?

2a. Are You a Member of an Association?

Associations are created for professionals to be recognised and a respected member of their community. To be able to have a practitioner membership level, associations require that a particular level of training has been completed, along with additional requirements such as ongoing training to keep up with the latest developments in the industry, insurance and a First Aid certificate.

2b. Can I Claim Your Service Through My Health Fund?

Depending on the industry, most health funds recognise and provide rebates on services for professional practitioners as long as they maintain their membership with their association. You will be able to claim for that service, only if your level of cover includes the service. Obviously this question is relevant only if you’re covered for their service!

3. How Long Have You Been in Practice For and How Many Days Per Week Are You Available?

Everyone has to start somewhere! Is the practitioner fresh out of their course with not a lot of clinical experience? If so, their rates may be cheaper than someone who has been in clinic for a few years and this may be perfectly fine for you.

Finding out how many days per week they see clients can indicate their level of expertise. A practitioner that works 1 day every two weeks will see less clients than someone who works three days per week.

Due to the nature of some complementary therapies, some practitioners might only ever work a maximum of three days per week.

4. What Is Your Area of Expertise?

Asking this question will reveal if they are the best fit for you. Can they actually help you with your issue?

5. Have You Previously Seen Someone With My Issue and What Were the Results?  How Long Before I Start To See Results?

Due to the nature of some complementary therapies, results can vary greatly depending on how long the person has had the issue, how willing they are subconsciously to let it go and if they do any required activities after the session. Your practitioner might be able to give an approximate duration but should at least offer to reassess at the end of each appointment.


By no means is this a complete list but they should allow you to determine if the wellness practitioner is a good fit for you!

Have you been caught out before by not doing your homework on a practitioner? Please share your experience below and what you did so we can all benefit!