Are You Energetically Sensitive?

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Are you energetically sensitive?

Do you find yourself exhausted after being around a lot of people?

Sometimes you may find yourself picking up other people’s emotions after being around them, for example, feeling intense fear after visiting someone in hospital (because that stuff sticks to the walls in there!) or becoming very sad after attending a funeral. Think about how much emotion’s surrounding you. It can be hard NOT to pick it up.

Read on to find out how to recognise when you’ve picked up someone else’s energy and how to clear it.

Maybe you don’t think you can sense energy?

Think about these two situations:

  1. You walk into a room with two people, who aren’t talking at the time but you can feel something has just happened, like an argument? Yep…you’re energetically sensitive. Or…
  2. Someone sneaks up and stands just behind you and you turn around because you can ‘feel’ someone there? Yep…you’re energetically sensitive.

In fact, we all are, just varying levels of sensitivity and awareness to it.

When our boundaries are not strong and clear, we can easily pick up emotions from others and hold onto them for days.


When I was younger, I wasn’t very energetically sensitive nor aware.

After I started studying Kinesiology my intuition and sensitivity to other people’s energy and emotions really started to ramp up.

I would be working with clients and images would keep popping into my mind. Or I could sense how they were feeling, as soon as they arrived for their session.

Then after each of my pregnancies, my sensitivity heightened. How did I know? I couldn’t operate from my clinic in the city anymore! The energy in the city was just too much for me to handle.

I would get exhausted and tired easily, I wanted to ‘hide’ in my room and not venture out and I was so happy when it was time to escape and go home.


How Do You Clear Energy From Your System?

The first step is to ask “Is this MY energy or someone else’s?” In just asking that question, the detachment process begins.

Asking “What’s this emotion I’m feeling?” also helps to give you clarity about where it may have come from.

Picking up energies that aren’t yours, are actually a blessing and an opportunity.

Anything challenging occurring in your life is an indication of something blocking the easy flow of energy within you, that you have an opportunity to clear.

Old stuck blocks (emotions, thoughts, beliefs) can be cleared to bring back flow and lightness to your life.

The first step in bringing back your power is to accept what you’ve picked up and sit in a place of gratitude with it for a moment. Without this event happening, you may not have realised you needed to work around strengthening a hazy boundary, or highlighting an emotional sensitivity you have.

Once you’re aware you’ve picked up something not yours, it’s time to disconnect and clear it from your energy field.


A Few Techniques to Clear Your Energy:

  • Kinesiology of course 🙂 For a super accurate and fast way to clear ‘stuff’ from your system, this tool is brilliant.
  • Have a shower at the end of the day. As you’re standing under the water, visualise it washing away any negative energy that may have attached itself to you during the day, including any negative thoughts you’ve had or that have stuck to you from others. See everything washing down the drain and going back to Mother Earth. She loves to help by transforming and transmuting the energy to something of a higher vibration. (Think fertiliser!)
  • Lighting candles. Light them stating the intention “This flame is burning and transforming anything of a heavier dense energy that’s not mine, to something of a higher, lighter energy/vibration.”
  • Eat some food! Eating or drinking is grounding. When your digestive system kicks in, it centres and grounds you as your own energy is shifted to your digestive organs to process the food. Be aware that sugary foods and alcohol are not always the best choices!
  • Get enough nutrients. When your body is stressed, it uses up B vitamins. You may need to ensure you’re getting enough of the B vitamins through food to counteract any depletion.
  • Smudge your aura. Burn sage or Palo Santo (holy wood from Brazil)When the smoke surrounds your body it removes any dense, heavy energy. You will immediately feel lighter and clearer. Try it!
  • Use a space clearing mist. Or make your own using some Himalayan rock salt and an essential oil such as Frankincense, Lavender or Juniper dissolved in some water. Shake well before spraying around your body and your home.
  • Best crystals to use for clearing and protecting you from negative energy are Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Labradorite and Tourmalinated Quartz. In addition to using these, I’d invite you to look at why, on an energetic level, you’re attracting these experiences to you for your learning!

Know that in addition to other people’s energy, you’ll probably also be sensitive to the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) around you such as from WIFI, computers, smart meters, mobile phones, microwaves and even electricity.

Try to completely turn off devices when they are not in use and ensure that you’re sleeping as far away from the Smart meter in your home as possible. Don’t charge your phone while you’re sleeping, as it will also affect you.

An added bonus is you’ll have a more restful sleep!

Are there any other techniques you already use to help clear your energy? Feel free to share below.