About Daniela

Hello Beautiful!

I’m Daniela, a Kinesiologist and an Integrated Healer. I am passionate about working with women to help them inject passion, inspiration and happiness back into their lives. I believe we’re here to live a life that we love and just by doing that, we positively impact everyone and everything around us.


What if you could live your life with real freedom and happiness?

If you could eliminate the constant stress from your life so you felt lighter, inspired by life again and were able to handle any challenges that came up, with grace and ease.

What would that change in your life?

Or, would that change everything?

Does this sound like you?

“You’re a strong, independent woman who works hard in a corporate professional role. You run teams, make decisions and have a strong work ethic. However there are nights when everything slows down and you find yourself alone with niggling thoughts, wondering is this all there is? Your work life balance is getting worse with more work assigned to you and with your driving need to do the right thing, you find you can’t say no. You appear very confident at work but deep down your inner critic is getting harder to ignore. In social situations you sometimes lack the confidence you demonstrate at work.

You have lots of friends or acquaintances but the connections are starting to feel empty with no depth. You don’t feel heard by the people around you, which makes it even harder for you to speak up. You try not to compare yourself to others but when you do, you get a sinking feeling; “Others seem to have it together, why can’t I? Looking in, my life looks ok, so why aren’t I happy?”

What if you could rediscover the joy you used to experience?


My clients have a better perspective of their lives, find it easier to follow their inner knowing of what’s ‘right’ and embody the life they never thought was possible.


When we stand on our own solid foundation of self-love, we end up with everything we need to succeed in life: strength, confidence, happiness, grace and inner peace.


Let me help you fall in love with your life again!

"Her understanding of many healing modalities helped immensely in finding ways to break through difficult blocks and get to the deeper root of problems."

Having sessions with Daniela has been profoundly helpful in breaking away from old and debilitating issues. I find her a very caring, gentle and grounded practitioner who comes from integrity and passion. She has an extremely warm and positive energy and helps me believe I have the ability to move forward and I am worthy and deserve self-love.

Her vast experience and understanding of many healing modalities helps immensely in finding ways to break through difficult blocks and to get to the deeper root of problems. I will continue to have sessions with Daniela as I work toward a better feeling of self-worth and inner harmony. I’d highly recommend a session with her!

Glenda Lister


My Story

I always used to think I was a pretty happy person. I had my life on track, a good job working in corporate, close family and friends, working on trying to live in the moment.

Sure the inner turmoil was pretty bad; I always worried about saying the wrong thing in case I sounded dumb and my inner critic? As I liked to say “If only you could hear the voices in my head!” 

I worked in corporate moving my way up in Human Resources, then a stint in California where I looked after operations and event management for a College Soccer team. When I returned to Australia, I decided to continue to use those skills and headed into Project Management which I did for about 6 years. Then I discovered Kinesiology. It was one of those 'signs' that appear in your life that you just can't ignore (although I tried!)

At the beginning of 2009 I started practicing in clinic part time while still working as a Project Manager in Corporate. It was an interesting experience, working in two almost opposite fields. I needed to find a different job, that was more aligned with where I was heading. I then manages Operations for a Health & Wellness clinic in Collins st, in Melbourne CBD. Phew! Now I was at least spending all my time in a field I was passionate about!

In addition I took up teaching Kinesiology at the College where I studied and also helped with running the operations of the College.

Working for someone else while running my own clinic was a great education for firstly, determining where I wanted to take my business and secondly, giving me the skills to be super successful at it. However, it was finally time to solely work for myself.

There have definitely been challenges along the way, lack of self confidence being the biggest. I knew I’d made big inroads into that when I was able to leave the corporate world and working for others behind and work solely in my business.

It’s been a long (over 20 years!) and sometimes rough journey of working on myself through attending courses and reading an infinite number of inspiring books (another addiction), but that’s how I arrived here; loving what I do, loving what my life looks like and loving how I feel about myself in the world.


Are you loving your life, yourself and the impact you’re making on the world?
If not, get in touch so you can!

Qualifications & Associations

  • Diploma of Kinesiology
  • Diploma of Health Science (Holistic Kinesiology)
  • LEAP Brain Integration 1
  • Crystal Dreaming Practitioner (Past Life Regression)
  • The Liquid Crystals Practitioner
  • Crystal Light Healing I – IV
  • Advanced Shuessler Tissue Salts
  • Level 2 Reiki Tummo (Tibetan)
  • Level 2 Usui Reiki (Japanese)
  • Current Paramedical Health Practitioner’s Insurance
  • Current Level 2 Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment