What Does Your Clinic Email Domain Say About You?

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Say what you like, it’s an undeniable fact that first impressions count for a lot.

It’s why we wear our best ‘professional clothes’ when going for job interviews, and why we’re always mindful of our actions when meeting new people. First impressions set the standard for how serious you want other people to take what you have to say.

So, what first impressions have you invested in to for your natural therapy clinic?

Your clinic is likely clean and tidy, your clinic uniforms or outfit pressed and presentable. You might have business cards or a ream of paper with your letterhead on it.

All of these things are very well, but how are you presenting yourself online when you reach out to potential clients?

More and more clients are finding solutions to their problems online. It’s crucial that we nail the online first impressions if we want them to listen to our words.

Today we’re looking at two massive reasons why your clinic should have its own email domain, and how you can set one up if you haven’t already.

An Email Domain Conveys Authority

Picture in your mind for a moment, a warehouse-type store. Let’s go with Bunnings, for the sake of the argument. If you walked into Bunnings and you needed to find something, what would you do?

Well, you might spend some time wandering the aisles, steadily becoming more lost by the minute. But if you were in a hurry, or after some advice, you’d probably go look for a person wearing a Bunnings shirt, because that shirt indicates to you that the person in it works there and can at least point you in the general direction of what you seek.

In this case, the uniform conveyed to you that the owner had a reliable amount of authority on the given topic. You didn’t have to ask if they worked there - the uniform told you that.

An email domain does a very similar thing - it implies on a very basic level that you know exactly what you’re doing and that your words are worth listening to.

Here - compare the two in your head,


Doesn’t the second option make the address read like a business email rather than a personal one? Since your clinic is a business, you’ll need to carry this air of professionalism all the way down to the first impression, to have the greatest level of impact.

Which email conveys professionalism to you?


An Email Domain Allows You To Be Personable

Let’s circle back to the work uniform for a second. Know what else a worker is likely to have on them, aside from that uniform? A nametag. That tag identifies the wearer to the searching party as another human, fascinating and wise.

When you run an email domain, you don’t just have to be the ‘Atlas Shrugged’ person. You could be Sam from ‘Atlas Shrugged’.

Once your clinic starts expanding, this can doubly work in your favour, since it’s relatively easy to add more addresses to your domain. You can then have Sam and Taylor and Alex working at ‘Atlas Shrugged’, plus an additional address or two for ‘enquiries’, ‘admin’, and the like.

This format allows you to indicate the purpose tied to that email address, or to show there’s a real person that can be connected with.

It’s not only professional, it’s personal.

How Do I Set Up An Email Domain?

In case the phrase ‘email domain’ is sending you for a loop, let’s nail that down first before we talk about how to get one.

Your ‘domain’ is like the plot of land allotted for a house. You need to buy a domain (www.AtlasShrugged.com) to be able to build a website on it and therefore be able to have an email domain (sam@AtlasShrugged.com) attached to it.

If you’ve already got yourself a website, there’s no need to worry about sourcing a separate domain. You already have one.

If you don’t yet have a domain name and hosting required to build your website on, you might want to check out hosting websites like GoDaddy or SiteGround. Search engine giant Google is currently running a beta for their own domain hosting services, so we can soon expect their services in Australia too.

Speaking of Google though, if you’re a fan of the relatively straightforward gmail look and feel, you can sign up for an email domain with them through their Google Apps. You can either hook it up to your existing domain or buy a relatively cheap domain name to get things started.

If they’re not your cup of tea, that’s cool - have a poke around your current domain interface. Most hosting services actually come with business email provided.

I personally found creating my business email via the Google Apps services preferable. I’m a visual person and the interface provided by my hosting company was less than user friendly for me. I was already used to the look and feel of Gmail and at only $50 per year, or less than a cup of coffee a month, it was a no brainer for me.

Either way, your goal is to harness the power of email domain hosting. Doing so takes the first impressions of your clients from ‘Who does this person think they are, telling me what to do?’ to ‘Wow, their professionalism comes across even in their email address! I can trust their judgement.’

Sounds good to me.