4 Ways to Get More Clients Fast

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Filling your clinic can be a challenging prospect. Whether you’ve been running your clinic for years or you’re just setting up, finding new clients and keeping your existing ones can be hard work. Fortunately, there’s more ways to go about attracting new folk than yesteryear’s letter drops and newspaper classifieds.

Here are four sure-fire ways for your clinic to raise retention rates and get more clients.

1 - Strengthen your existing connections

People forget to do things. Or they put off important activities, opting to get around to it at some stage.

It’s highly likely you have clients who haven’t come back in a while because they keep forgetting to make an appointment. They might have existing issues that need addressing, or new issues that they don’t know you can treat.

A little follow-up goes a long way when establishing that you really care about your clients.

How to do it: Construct a newsletter or similar email series to send out and keep your name on your client’s radar. Fill these emails with links to your blog if you have one, or helpful and relevant information.

When you provide your clients with valuable information, they can better understand the many ways your clinic can help them.

2 - Make your website stand out from the crowd

How do you find the answers to things you don’t know or understand very well? Chances are that unless you’ve got a friend who’s an expert, you Google it.

Your clients do this too.

Not only will they research their problems online, but they’re likely to scope out treatment methods and local clinics that deliver their ideal solution.

Your website needs to attract and capture their interest, providing the answers to the questions they ask in a clear and appealing manner.

How to do it: Make sure your website is easy to navigate and understand on a variety of devices. Your clinic website needs to be user-friendly on mobile browsers as well as desktops.

Keep plugging away at your blog too, because it’s there you provide the answers visitors are seeking.

Build a ‘contact us’ form into your website so clients can easily connect with you to book in their first (or next) consultation.

3 - Meet your clients where they’re at

Do you have a clear picture of what your ideal clients are like?

If you want to reach out to people who are likely to become your clients, you’ll need to know where they gather, and how to connect with them.

By doing this, you’ll promote your clinic only in spaces where you’re most likely to receive a positive response

- it’ll mean a lot of saved time and energy on your part, too!

How to do it: Brainstorm a list of key habits and traits the clients you love to work with, have.

Use these to work out where they go for advice, and then reach out in those spaces.

So for example, if your ideal client is a parent with children in school; parents’ groups or mothers’ groups will be an ideal place to connect, either in person or in online forum threads.

Whenever you reach out to potential new clients, offer information that is helpful and adds to the topic.

Link back to your website if it’s appropriate - never try hijacking forum threads (it only ends badly).

4 - Liaise with other complementary providers

You don’t have to be in competition with other Natural Therapists.

Every clinic has different strengths, and clients are best cared for when these strengths are played to.

If you are able to, you should consider connecting with other therapists. They may have clients in need of your expertise that they as a clinic cannot offer, and these points of connection will increase your visibility in the natural therapy circles in your area.

How to do it: The best advice I can offer here is that you need to make sure this relationship works both ways.

Other natural therapists will be much more open to recommending your services to their clients if you are doing the same thing.

This is why you want to liaise with other clinics whose services are complementary to your own.

This way, you can help each other play to your strengths, rather than trying to compete for the same number of clients in a local area.

At the end of the day…

Your priority, as a Natural Therapist, is to provide the best care for your client.

That’s your number one.

If people can see that, they’ll be drawn to it.

They’ll tell their friends.

They’ll stick around.

If you build your reputation as one who loves to improve and build up their clients, more clients will come, spurred on by the words of their peers.

You’ll get more clients naturally, and those who book in will be invested in what you provide.

It might start out a little slow, but since it is focused on the connections that your clients use, expect some pleasant snowballing (and filled books!) to be the result.